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About Our Company

nQube specializes in designing software to solve very difficult data-modeling and optimization problems, such as the casino floor optimization problem.  We have successfully tackled mathematically similar problems in science, engineering, and medicine, and are now focusing our efforts on optimizing the casino floor to improve the experience of players, which means that they will spend more time, and more money at your property.


Problem Overview

Casinos are looking for data-driven solutions to help them optimize their gaming floor. Current products simply show a heat map of the floor, or use simplistic algorithms to try to predict optimal floor layouts, leaving the majority of the decision making to the floor management team.


nQube’s Software Product and Services

Our software package harnesses advanced artificial intelligence driven optimization techniques to show exactly how to organize your floor in order to maximize gaming revenue. We use an advanced mathematical model of player behaviour to harness your data and design a detailed floor layout that maximizes revenue. 


Key Features

•    Optimize the mix and location of slot machines on the casino floor.

•    Browse various optimal floor configurations to find the one that works best for you.

•    Find your optimal floor subject to the number of machines that you are willing to move.

• Track changes over time and change your floor accordingly to take advantage of seasonal variations and long term trends.

Easy to use graphical user interface that shows you where to place your machines, where the people are, where the money is, and where the profits are.

How nQube Stacks Up

The distinguishing feature of our product is our focus on advanced algorithms to automatically optimize the gaming floor. Our mathematical models and artificial intelligence driven optimization software can use your data to show your casino floor team which machines to move to increase revenue and improve player experience. Even with very basic aggregate data, we can increase slot revenue, and as the detail in your data increases, as does the accuracy of our optimal floor designs to maximize profits.  nQube provides an easy to use user interface that lets you visually explore different pre-optimized floor options using metrics such as coin-in, win, or a customized metric of your design.

Set-up and Services

Every casino has a unique way of collecting and storing data, and our team will be there to make sure that initial set-up goes smoothly. We will also work with your property to customize our product for your needs. If there’s a particular metric you need to visualize on your gaming floor, we will integrate it into your customized version of our software.  Our team will also be available for support and integration services whenever you want to make a change – for as long as you license our product. 

Privacy and Data Security

Your data will remain secure and confidential, and will be protected by a non-disclosure agreement between nQube and your company. Our servers are secure, and we can setup our software on site by request.

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