Algorithmic Trading 
Optimized trading strategies for financial data

nQube's algorithmic trading system focusses on strategy optimization for a wide array of asset classes including exchange traded products like futures and other exchange traded derivatives as well as equities.  We use our A.I.-guided evolutionary optimization technology to search for optimized trading strategies that maximize profits and control risk. All of our models pass cross-validation and simulation testing prior to deployment, via an automated trading system that connects to markets through common trading platforms. Our team has experience in developing trading platforms and market connectivity, and we work with proprietary trading firms as well as investment management firms that are active in global capital markets.

nQube engages in business-to-business partnerships, which allow trading firms to leverage our experienced team to develop automated and highly optimized trading strategies.  Strategies are customized for specific products and trading styles, in collaboration with our partners. Our products are well suited to an increasing demand of software and trading solutions that can simplify and improve trading and investment management.

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