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Reel AI

Powerful AI-driven casino technology from the inventors of non-linear slot floor optimization.

Above and Beyond

nQube's Artificial intelligence is designed to save slot floor operators time and money. It does this by searching through millions of possible slot floor configurations and exploring the total win for each one.


Our AI system has the unique ability to understand complex relationships between all of the slot machines on the floor. We use a sophisticated model of dilution and cannibalization to increase revenue for the slot floor as a whole

The Slot Floor is an Ecosystem

Like any ecosystem all of the elements of the slot floor are interconnected. Any small machine change affects every other machine on the floor. Players interact with machines, other players, other amenities, and physical attributes of the casino.


There are inefficiencies in the slot floor ecosystem, that can be difficult to find. With advanced AI tools, we can find and fix those inefficiencies resulting in an uplift in revenue on the slot floor. 


Make the Ecosystem Thrive

Finding efficiencies in this complex environment requires a sophisticated artificial intelligence. Reel AI searches through millions of different slot floor configurations before finding the most profitable one. 


Within a standard operating budget, Reel AI can find up to 10% uplift in win. Our solutions tell operators which machines to buy, which ones to retire, and where to put them on the slot floor.

Reel AI

Reel AI is our flagship product – it uses advanced AI techniques to tell casino operators which slot machine to buy, which ones to retire, and where to put them. Reel AI uses non-traditional AI techniques. It learns player preferences from a casino’s historical data and optimally segments both players and slot machines. 


Reel AI is the only system available that is capable of total slot floor optimization.

Unique features of Reel AI include:

  • Specific slot purchasing and retirement recommendations, leads to a mix of products that is finely tuned to the preferences of your casino patrons.

  • Optimizes product placement within the casino.

  • Provides projections of slot revenue after changes. 


Reel AI is Unique

A powerful back-end AI system drives our flagship Reel AI slot floor optimization service, as well as our other casino technologies. We optimize the slot floor as a whole, rather than optimizing the wins of each machine separately. We are the first company ever to create such an AI system.


nQube specializes in artificial intelligence solutions to challenging data-driven problems in the casino industry. Our AI systems are the result of 20 years of R&D, focused on developing new methods to solve massive-scale optimization and data modeling problems. 


Slot floor optimization is a problem which is too large and too difficult to solve without a powerful AI designed specifically for problems of this scale.​

We use the first ever non-linear artificial intelligence ever developed for optimizing content and arrangement of slot floors.

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