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Full Service Products

Our full service products are custom tailored to fit your unique needs, we work with you to design a solution that fits your casino.
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Reel AI

Reel AI™  will analyze your slot and player data and tell you which machines to buy and which ones to retire in order to maximize win on your slot floor. Comes with the Reel View™  visualization tool and Reel Segmentation™.

Reel AI Spatial

Reel AI Spatial™ is an add-on to Reel AI which will further increase your slot revenue by telling you how to arrange slot machines on the floor in an optimal way. This is optimized in parallel along with our standard recommendations of which machines to buy and which to retire.


Reel Segmentation

Reel Segmentation uses innovative AI-driven segmentation methods for analyzing player behavior. It also segments slot machines to tell you which machine features are important to your players. Reel Segmentation can be used to segment players for marketing campaigns, buy the best slot machines for your players, and understand how your players are changing over time. Reel Segmentation is available as part of Reel AI or on its own.

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Reel AI Light™ uses similar processes to Reel AI to optimize your slot floor, but can do so with standard reporting data. If you're looking for a solution that uses your everyday reports that does not include player specific information, this is the product for you. 


Custom Projects and Consulting

We are a team of scientists and industry experts. We can deal with any kind of custom data modeling or optimization problem that you have. If you need something done but aren't sure how to go about it, we're here to help.

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